The importance of clinical excellence and need to raise clinical training standards within the healthcare professions has never been more paramount.  Ever-changing nationally recommended best practice standards, guidelines and quality assurance requirements require ultrasound service providers to adjust their practices accordingly.  With litigation for mal practice on the rise and regular scrutiny from external audit and professional bodies, it is essential for today’s ultrasound services to meet these high and necessary standards of practice. Promoting the best possible patient-centred care by engaging a happy, confident and competent clinical team to work within a secure and robust framework of clinical governance is paramount for any successful and efficient ultrasound service to stay risk-free.


Diversity, adaptability and structure is essential in surviving an ever-demanding clinical environment in which financial and staff training resources are often limited. We can provide you with a tailor-made programme to structure and implement a successful clinical ultrasound training scheme which meets the needs of the individual or team members in an equally flexible, realistic and unique manner.


Aspire UCS listen and relate to a client’s individual requirements. We can help you to improve your success with clinical training or your own individual ultrasound practice skills by mentoring and consultation -  we can help you to achieve the Aspire 4 ‘C’ status: that is developing ultrasound practitioners / clinicians and sonographers who are Current, Confidence, Competent and Consistent with their levels of clinical ultrasound practice.


At Aspire UCS we endeavour to meet your unique training needs through a wealth of knowledge and skills in this dedicated field of clinical imaging, promoting evidence based, nationally accepted standards of ultrasound practice, system skills, professional issues, ultrasound governance and quality assurance.


Effective, positive and informed communication is the key to designing individual and organisational development plans to initially recognise any clinical ultrasound training, knowledge and skills shortfalls and subsequently design dedicated strategies for addressing and overcoming the relevant training needs.


Aspire UCS offer support and advice for both fields of Medical Diagnostic and Small Animal Veterinary Ultrasound.

Aspire Ultrasound Consultancy Services

Ultrasound Practice Areas


Aspire UCS offer bespoke training and support packages for those working in the areas of Early Pregnancy, Dating, Mid Trimester and Third Trimester Obstetric Ultrasound. Evidence based practice and core current national guidelines are the cornerstone of our training methods. Obstetric ultrasound can be a minefield, even when experienced. We aim to offer realistic and practical advice on maintaining safe clinical practice yet providing the best possible patient-centred care whilst minimising clinical risk and potential litigation. We can support trainees with CASE accredited PG Cert and PG Dip Gynaecological courses or non-CASE focussed courses, their associated learning objectives and formative assessments.    





General Medicine

With the exception of antenatal care, General Medicine ultrasound referrals constitute the main workload for any ultrasound department. Waiting lists and staff resources can create an adverse training environment and associated pressures on the trainee can impact on success rates. Freeing up valuable experienced staff to support training can be an insurmountable task in itself. Aspire UCS can help support your own individual or trainee needs (CASE accredited PG Cert, PG Dip or other focussed ultrasound courses) with structured effective training lists, allowing your core staff to continue to meet everyday demands of the clinical service. We can consider full abdominal, renal, male pelvic and testes ultrasound examinations within this field of general medical ultrasound.





Aspire UCS leadership team has been integral in the delivery of Gynaecological focussed short courses bi-annually at Liverpool University. It has supported individual NHS clinician ultrasound training needs, as well as delivering effective clinical and theoretical training and mentorship to individuals undertaking CASE accredited PG Cert and PG Dip Gynaecological and Early Pregnancy modules at a variety of Higher Education Institutes.

If you have need for training, confidence-building or peer-review/ ultrasound assessment preparation in this specialist field, we can help.





Small Animal Veterinary Ultrasound

Intestinal Foreign Body

Aspire UCS are able to offer General Practice Veterinary Clinicians support in small animal abdominal clinical ultrasound.  We offer in-house advice on ultrasound techniques, practical and theoretical advice on image optimisation and ultrasound system skills and any other requirements to service needs.


We run a unique focussed course specifically designed for General Practice Veterinary Clinicians aimed at addressing the essential competencies and considerations required when running a safe and effective general practice ultrasound service.


Let us help you to become competent and confident with the normal ultrasound appearances, A and T-FAST scanning, allowing you to work within your scope of practice and recognise when onward referral to a specialist imager may be appropriate. At Aspire UCS, we recognise that the ‘4 C’ criteria also apply to veterinary ultrasound practitioners and that the best possible patient care is still paramount when utilising this operator dependent imaging modality.


Become more confident in your approach to ultrasound imaging, either in-house or with a dedicated short focussed course for your team – contact Aspire for more information.








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