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Aspire Ultrasound Consultancy Services (Aspire UCS) provide bespoke multi-disciplinary training packages and mentorship support for a wide variety of clinical ultrasound specialities, both in the field of Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound and Small Animal Veterinary Ultrasound.


Our services include clinical, practical and theoretical advice, mentorship and training support in the following areas (although we are happy to consider any ultrasound-related project):


• Diagnostic Medical Clinical Ultrasound:


o Preceptorship and post-qualification confidence building sessions

o CASE – accredited summative clinical assessment preparation and independent assessment

o Ultrasound system skills and image optimisation (both theory and practical training, in-house or at  locally sourced venues)

o Dedicated, tailor-made focussed clinical ultrasound courses for Diagnostic Medical and Small Animal Veterinary Ultrasound Practitioners/Clinicians and Sonographers (in-house training or at locally sourced venues)

o Evidence-based clinical ultrasound audit and quality assurance tools

o Development of departmental/local ultrasound protocols and guidelines to support the need of individual ultrasound service providers


Small Animal Veterinary Clinical Ultrasound:


o Full abdominal ultrasound survey technique, tips and tricks

o Abdominal and Thoracic FAST, ultrasound techniques, merits and limitations

o Basic ultrasound guided needle procedure techniques


Motivation, positivity, innovation and enthusiasm are embedded into our training ethos.


Our objectives are to develop an effective training environment, with approachable and informal sessions enabling our participating clients to achieve high and consistent standards of ultrasound practice, in whatever field they pursue.


At Aspire UCS we endorse our own 4’C’ criteria, helping ultrasound practitioners, clinicians and sonographers to become Current, Confident, Competent and Consistent with all aspects and requirements of the scan episode.


At Aspire UCS, we are here to help spread the knowledge and passion for Ultrasound. No training project is too small or too large, we are happy to meet your challenge.

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