Angie Lloyd-Jones set up Aspire Ultrasound Consultancy Services in 2017 after spending almost 30 years working exclusively within the field of diagnostic clinical ultrasound. Her intention is to promote high and consistent standards of clinical ultrasound practice to others either starting out in their careers or already working within this specialist field of imaging. Her diverse and interesting career includes active clinical involvement and training within many organisations; the National Health Service, Public Health Wales, a variety of Higher Educational Institutes and the Private imaging sector.


Angie has worked as an HCPC-registered Sonographer for over 28 years within a variety of healthcare organisation and higher education institutes. She has always been a proactive sonographer, professionally driven to meet high and consistent standards of ultrasound practice, prioritising and ensuring a patient-centred approach to her clinical and managerial work.


She has worked within NHS and Private sector clinical domains and specialities across the UK, including London, The North West, West Sussex, North and South Wales. Angie was heavily involved with the delivery and implementation of the initial ultrasound education training programme which supported Public Health Wales (PHW) with the launch of their Welsh Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Screening Programme (WAAASP) in 2013.


Throughout her NHS, Private and PHW sector roles, Angie has been instrumental in designing, delivering and supporting multi-disciplinary ultrasound training. Her inherent enthusiasm to impart clinical knowledge and expertise to those she works alongside is her indisputable driving force.


Angie worked as a Senior Lecturer at The University of Glamorgan for three years and remains actively involved in supporting a variety of Higher Education Institutes as an Associate Lecturer. She remains enthusiastic in her subjects, delivering learning material for a range of specialist ultrasound fields, mentoring and assessing CASE accredited Ultrasound trainees and Specialist Registrars in Radiology.


More recently, Angie spent four years in a senior management role as Head of Ultrasound for a UK-wide private imaging company. A diverse and challenging role, requiring an adaptable, reactive and strategic approach to the expected managerial, training and clinical responsibilities. In-depth knowledge of clinical governance, robust quality assurance, clinical ultrasound audit programmes, local and national clinical standards and guidelines formed the bedrock of maintaining the high clinical standards essential for withstanding the scrutiny placed upon any private ultrasound imaging service.


Angie is now actively involved in the small animal veterinary field, providing specialist level ultrasound services, working collaboratively with colleagues in a Specialist Veterinary Hospital. Her aim is to raise awareness of the best practice principles advocated within medical diagnostic clinical ultrasound, promoting the ideal quality assurance and ultrasound governance required to support veterinary clinical ultrasound service provision.


Aspire UCS was established primarily to support those learning or working within this unique, operator dependent field of imaging. Clients will benefit from an extensive range of experience whilst spreading the passion for ultrasound in both the diagnostic medical and small animal veterinary fields.


"The professional learning environment provided by Angie at Aspire helped me to gain the confidence to complete my PG Cert in Advanced Medical Imaging course, employing new techniques and a fresh view with regards to clinical training. The friendly and positive approach helped me to progress quickly and achieve my goals. Thank you for all your support"


Paula Clarke RGN RM and Midwife Sonographer at Stockport NHS Foundation Trust.

"Very thorough lecture with many examples, kept us engaged and interested and covered all the relevant points. Greatly appreciated"


Specialist Radiology Registrars, 2017- 2018 Cohort, School of Medicine & Mersey School of Radiology, Institute of Clinical Sciences, University of Liverpool.

“As a recent veterinary graduate, my experience with ultrasonography was limited - Angie has been integral in developing both my skills and confidence in the ‘basics’ of ultrasound. Her passion for ultrasonography, and for teaching, is clear - she is able to make the learning process enjoyable and engaging, in both practical and theoretical terms. Having such an approachable and knowledgeable teacher, with such a wealth of experience in the field, has been a huge benefit to my learning, and I am very grateful to Angie (and her unrelenting enthusiasm!) for her extremely valuable support and guidance.”


Ffion Lloyd, Intern at The Small Animal Teaching Hospital, Institute of Veterinary Science, Leahurst, BVSc (Hons) MRCVS.



“Angie is a wealth of knowledge in ultrasound. All of her material is pitched perfectly and she is a superb, dedicated and highly approachable teacher and professional. It has been an absolute pleasure to learn from her.”


Will Humphreys BVSc (Hons) MRCVS, Intern at Northwest Veterinary Specialists.



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